World’s first Smurfs Indoor Theme Park welcomes first visitors today!

After 2 years of intense design and construction, the 8.000 sqm park opened doors near Shanghai with a Smurftastic opening ceremony attended by both Chinese and Belgian government officials.

The Smurfs Indoor Theme Park is part of a mixed use development containing the incredible Wonderland Intercontinental hotel, residential homes and great shopping opportunities and is a new state of the art leisure destination in the region of Shanghai.
This leisure destination has been developed by the Shimao Property Holdings Ltd, one of the largest property developers in China, in cooperation with IMPS, owner of the Smurf’ IP. KCC Entertainment Design was responsible for the complete concept and schematic design leading to this incredible result.

“The Belgium based KCC team immersed completely into the world and DNA of the Smurfs and analysed the site, the market, the budget and other project related constraints.
Through this typical KCC approach, an incredible Smurfy story was developed  which fits the building and budget perfectly!” says CEO Yannick Maes.

The park has 3 themed zones scaled to make you feel Smurf-sized. Upon entering, the visitors goes through a maze to find the hidden world of the Smurfs.

The park has several zones exactly as in the real Smurfs world.
The fantasy forest (2.500sqm) contains several great attractions and is the gateway to two other zones: The wonderful Smurfs village (3.000sqm) where children can meet their favourite Smurfs, explore and play in the Smurfs houses and go on different rides experiencing how Smurfs live.
The other zone is Gargamel’s house (2.500sqm), the Smurfs archnemesis! Here the visitor awaits an exciting and thrilling time trying to rescue captured Smurfs and escape Gargamel’s house!

On top of this KCC Entertainment Design has integrated the United Nation’s and Unicef’s 17 sustainable goals (intensely supported by the Smurfs) throughout the park, inviting the visitor to join ‘Team Smurfs’ and help create a better world.

The park contains 29 Smurf themed attractions (like the Smurfs Berry Factory roller coaster, Gargamel’s interactive ghost house and the Swamp Adventure 3D Dark ride) which provide kids and their family an unforgettable marvellous time.

“Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, we could not fly over ourselves to celebrate and enjoy this great day, but KCC China team is present and keeps making us extremely jealous with amazing pictures and fantastic videos!

In the near future, KCC Entertainment Design, IMPS and Shimao will continue their cooperation with the design and development of the 10.000sqm Smurfs outdoor theme park adjacent to the indoor park.

“We also look forward to another great opening this year in China with the Chocolate Kingdom Theme Park in Guangzhou!” says Yannick.

KCC Entertainment Design continues creating unique and profitable entertainment destinations for its customers and unforgettable memories for the visitors: if conditions allow, 4 other entertainment projects designed and build by KCC will open doors this year.

Meanwhile KCC Entertainment Design is designing and realizing unique leisure destinations in India, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Dubai, USA, Abu Dhabi,…