Terra Magma | Bobbejaanland Belgium

(Refurbishment Indiana River)

After 30 years of operation the Indiana River attraction (indoor log flume dark ride)  in Bobbejaanland was more then ready for a complete refurbishment.

KCC was assigned to assist the team from the initial concept development till the full realisation.

We are thrilled to announce that Bobbejaanland released the new logo and name, Terra Magma, last week.

Terra Magma will be a complete new themed story with new technologies that will immerse the visitor completely

We welcome everyone soon on an adventurous journey of discovery through this mysterious volcano with many unexpected twists and turns.

Opening: May 2023

Stay tuned for more updates!

Terra Magma (Spanish for ‘Land of Magma’) will be located in the newly formed themed area Mystery Bay and tells the story of an island on which a volcano is about to erupt.

Guests will follow in the footsteps of brave adventurers and ultimately escape the eruption of the volcano.

The storyline for Terra Magma explained by our colleague Matthias Paillot, Creative Director: ”Adventurers once came to the island of Terra Magma. They were curious, because they had heard that all kinds of magical powers were present here. The station is their last base-camp, the place from which they went to explore.”

”In the queue-line, visitors are going to see the story come to life piece by piece through cave drawings, a kind of warning, what you are going to encounter. We are going to make it clear with effects and audio that nature is in charge here and that we have to live in harmony with nature,” continues Matthias. ”The moment we ascend the first lift we enter a kind of paradise, but very soon it becomes apparent that the island has many more secrets.”

The total of 14 scenes (including the queue) will be brought to live via a combination of physical theming, projections and audio. During the ride which counts 3 drops, guests will be encountering all sorts of dangerous situations, from a tsunami ravaging a village and a jungle filled with monsters.

Stay tuned for more info.