The Smurfs Theme Park

This great indoor theme park has opened doors end May 2020 near Shanghai and is the world’s first Smurfs Theme Park!

In this incredible Smurfs world 3 themed zones, scaled to make you feel Smurf-sized, can be explored.

The fantasy forest (2.500sqm) contains several great attractions and is the gateway to two other zones: The wonderful Smurfs village (3.000sqm) where children can meet their favourite Smurfs, explore and play in the Smurfs houses and go on different rides experiencing how Smurfs live.
The other zone is Gargamel’s house (2.500sqm), the Smurfs archnemesis! Here the visitor awaits an exciting and thrilling time trying to rescue captured Smurfs and escape Gargamel’s house!”.

On top of this KCC Entertainment Design has integrated the United Nations and UNICEF’s 17 sustainable goals (intensely supported by the Smurfs) throughout the park, inviting the visitor to join ‘Team Smurfs’ and help create a better world.

The park contains 29 Smurf themed attractions (like the Smurfs Berry Factory roller coaster, Gargamel’s interactive ghost house and the Swamp Adventure 3D Dark ride) which provide kids and their family an unforgettable marvellous time.

The project was a cooperation between Shimao Property Holdings, IMPS and KCC Entertainment Design.

  • Mall Name

    Dream City

  • City & Country

    Shanghai, China

  • Type

    Theme Park

  • Size

    8.000sqm indoor + 10.000sqm outdoor

  • Client

    Shimao Property Holdings

  • Year

    Opened 2020

  • Target group


  • Remarkable

    World’s first Smurfs Theme Park