Ohana Town

In partnership with Tropical Islands, Germany, we’re thrilled to unveil Ohana Town, a testament to innovation and immersive guest experiences. As the leading design consultant and contractor for the realization of theming and decoration, KCC Entertainment Design is proud to share this milestone achievement.

Ohana Lodge, which is the new themed hotel that will accommodate the visitors of Tropical Islands introduces Ohana Town, a vibrant social hub inspired by the traditional Tiki style of the Tropical Islands world. This captivating space features a spacious restaurant and an array of entertainment options, including bowling, shuffle games, and arcade attractions. Every element of Ohana Town reflects the detailed theming tailored to the essence of Tropical Islands.

At KCC Entertainment Design, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting extraordinary experiences, and Ohana Lodge is no exception. Our team’s expertise in immersive entertainment design has ensured that every detail of Ohana Town exceeds expectations. From conceptualization to execution, KCC has played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.


  • Location

    Tropical Islands Resorts | Ohana Lodge

  • City & Country

    Berlin, Germany

  • Type

    Social Entertainment

  • Size

    1300 sqm

  • Client

    Parques Reunidos

  • Year


  • Target group

    Families, Teens

  • Remarkable

Family Entertainment Centers