In this stage we set up the concept definition of the entertainment project, we create the conceptual master plan including public flow and F&B and the theming concept is defined. We create visualizations and determine the mascot, logo and name of the project.
After the concept design you will have a clear idea of the attractions and profit centers in the project, how the layout and public flow will be, how the theming and the look of the project will be and an estimation of what it will cost to build the project as per the concept design.

  • Project Market and Feasibility Study (optional)
  • Program Matrix
  • Concept & Theming definition
  • Attraction and profit center selection.
  • Master plan in CAD
  • Visualization of the project to clearly show the design intend and atmosphere
  • Logo and mascot design
  • Project analysis including estimated budget, sqm analysis, functional analysis, circulation analysis,…