BattleKart is a new innovative leisure activity associating karting WITH augmented reality.

Whilst driving a kart, the player is immerged into a virtual projected environment. He plays as if he were in a video game.

The vehicles offer real sensations while interacting with virtual objects and the opponents.
With family, friends or colleagues, BattleKart offers a unique immersive experience with guaranteed excitement!

Key Features

Real-life gaming console with already 5 different game modes!

  • Fully real-time customizable track
  • Up to 12 players or more/track at same time
  • From 1500m²/16 000sqft /track
  • 100% automated online and on-site booking system with personalization of the game content
  • From 4,75ft/1,45m height – about 12 years old, targetting as well women as men
  • Customizable gameplay to target different teambuilding dynamics
  • High repeatability of business
  • No helmet nor racesuit required
  • Can be operated and maintained with only 1 staff

New Developments

  • Replay (re-view your race)
  • Spectator interaction (give power-ups or control grenade launcher)
  • On board instructions & briefing during race (no more briefing required)
  • Surveillance and maintenance by 1 staff
  • New localization system
  • Projection on the walls
  • Opening of the development platform