Imagine a world where gaming is king. A world where you eat, sleep and breath games. A  true gamers dream, right there for the taking. Now it is real! And it’s called VIRTUOCITY.

Virtuocity has a huge arena in the center of the park with over 200 seats where large-scale local, international, and regional gaming competitions are helt. Also, tournaments and competitions can be be live-streamed via a dedicated in-house broadcasting system.

The entrance of this gaming hub is looks very futuristic. The focus is not just about video games, but the technology that drives the entertainment.

Electronic gadgets, Virtual Reality headsets, the latest mobile phones, product presentations & product launches…

All is possible in this video game and E-Sports platform.

  • Название Торгового Центра

    Doha Festival City Mall

  • Город & Страна

    Доха, Катар

  • Тип

    Киберспортивная игровая арена

  • Размер

    6.225 кв.м.

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